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Jeremy's New Book

Advanced Praise for All Dreams on Deck​

Katie Couric, journalist and author, Yahoo! Global News anchor

“Jeremy Cage has written a great book that everyone who thinks about how to better balance work–life issues would benefit from reading. Everything starts with a dream—but Jeremy really shows us how to get started on making these dreams come to life. Generalities won’t get it done; it requires very specific charting and execution. Just as Jeremy navigated his way across oceans, he’s also shown us how we can better navigate life’s personal and professional challenges. I’m giving my daughters copies of his book, and I hope they get as much out of Jeremy’s insights as I did.”

Gary Katz - Co-founder, President and CEO, International Securities Exchange (ISE)

"How I wish 'All Dreams on Deck' was available when ISE first launched, but it might even be more valuable now as I near retirement. Jeremy Cage presents a well-developed process for improving the odds of accomplishing your professional and personal goals through the fine art of storytelling, sailing you around the world and teaching you the "mentality" needed to realize your life long dreams. When I finished reading, I could smell the ocean. More importantly, I had learned invaluable lessons to help me navigate future endeavors."

Carlos Barroso – SVP of Global Research, Development and Quality for the Campbell’s Soup Company

"Jeremy does a masterful job of taking us with him on his journey as he weaves lessons for life and work with his adventure of sailing around the world. A very enjoyable and inspirational read. Jeremy urges us to be intentional about our dreams and gives the reader a practical 'how to' guide."

Kevin Hall – Principal & Founder of The Brand Charge. Former CEO of the Geneva Watch Group

"All Dreams On Deck is a must read and should be shared with any Business team or Philanthropic project team you work with. The power in these principles are contagious and will deliver significantly better results and working relationships if followed. This book is so spot on that I am asking each of my children to read it and to chart an intentional course in life towards their Dreams. What an inspiration Jeremy....Thank you!"

Mark Schiller - President of Pinnacle Foods, Inc.

“This book reinforces the importance having dreams and a well thought out plan to achieve them. Jeremy uses examples from his own personal journey to lay out clear and simple steps for moving from aspiration to reality. After reading this book, I’m motivated to make a few of my own long standing dreams come to life.”

Lisa Hillenbrand - former Director, Global Marketing, P&G; Stragility: Excelling at Strategic Changes co-author

"All Dreams on Deck is an inspiring, practical and enjoyable guide to making work and personal dreams come true. Jeremy includes wonderful stories about his experience as a CEO, a leader of multi-billion dollar businesses, an entrepreneur and a dreamer. He’s even sailed around the world in a small boat. Grab this delightful book and let Jeremy Cage show you how to begin dreaming again and start realizing those dreams."

Melanie Healey – Former Group President – Procter & Gamble North America

"If you have dreams, this book helps you turn them into reality. Jeremy gives you some simple frameworks that help you become much more intentional and specific about your dreams, plans and preparation and then inspires you to be courageous enough to pursue them. A great, easy read for anyone looking to make their dreams come true or change direction and achieve more balance in their lives." 

Theresa Boyce, Chair and CEO of the CEO Trust

All you have to do is "pursue your dreams"... you hear it all the time. So why does that rarely work? Taking this journey of "All Dreams On Deck" supplies a framework to dream expansively about your business and your life, to share dreams with those you love, and lay the groundwork to make the dreams a reality. A must-read for anyone who wishes to get the most out of life and to achieve their dreams.

Don Henshall – President and CEO of Farrow & Ball

“No matter what your dreams are, Jeremy’s book will provide you with the tools to get you closer to achieving them. I have known Jeremy for 25 years and he has lived, breathed and developed his lifeboat with outstanding results. I suggest you start planning your life journey today by launching your own lifeboat”

Gregory D. Hess - President and Professor of Economics, Wabash College

"This book breathes life into the saying that "if you don't know where you're going, you're never going to get there." And Jeremy knows where he is headed. Dreams come alive in Jeremy's action oriented manifesto — but not by accident. His book details his approach to squeezing the most from your potential (complete with worksheets to source your dreams and translate them into action), with generous helpings of insights from his successful (and occasionally less-successful) business adventures and his round-the-world voyage with his family... (continued)

By weaving his analysis and insights with time-honored lessons on the importance of trust, intentionality, humility, listening, and rolling up your sleeves, Jeremy teaches us how to dream with one eye open. And his optimism, tethered to creating concrete plans for realizing dreams, is infectious. Get ready for a healthy dose of joy and enthusiasm while reading this book--and then get back to dreaming with a purpose that you never dreamed of before."

David Anderson – Rector and Author of ‘Breakfast Epiphanies’ and ‘Losing your faith, finding your soul’

"Most of us are waiting idly for our dreams to “come true.” Jeremy Cage knows that our best hopes and aspirations must be named out loud, shared with others and carefully nurtured. Otherwise our dreams die. If you’ve forgotten the dreams you used to have, open this book. With Jeremy as a wise and patient guide for this journey, you will soon discover you have sailed into a realm where dreams are no longer just dreams."

John Taylor
Reviewer at Greenleaf Book Group, LLC

"Impressively 'reader friendly' in organization and presentation, "All Dreams on Deck: Charting the Course for Your Life and Work" is extraordinary, effective, practical, inspiring, and a highly recommended addition to community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections. For personal reading lists it should be noted that "All Dreams on Deck" is also available in a Kindle format ($9.99)."

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